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7-week online course

kundalini rising

awakening the sacred energies of enlightenment

Discover the transformative power of Kundalini awakening, your gateway to heightened awareness and spiritual growth.

Step into our immersive program and master seven ancient, powerful techniques to safely activate and elevate your Kundalini energy.

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7-week online course

awakening shakti

Reclaiming Your Feminine Power

Calling all Spiritual Goddesses.

Join Prema for this transformative 7-week online course designed for spiritually inclined women ready to unlock their inner strength and intuition.

Dive into ancient wisdom, engage in transformative practices, and join a supportive community on a journey to balance and empowerment.

personalized journeys for focused growth

sacred mentorship

Discover transformative growth with our 3-month, 6-month, or 1-year personalized spiritual mentorship programs.


21-Minute Guided Meditation Process w/ Sri Yantra

Abundance Meditation

Feeling energetically blocked from abundance? It’s time to break free.

Our 21-minute Abundance Activation Meditation with Sri Yantra peels away deep-seated beliefs and emotional wounds, paving the way for spiritual and financial prosperity.