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Prema Bentley

Prema Bentley, an internationally loved spiritual teacher, has worked with tens of thousands of individuals from various backgrounds and paths. Her spiritual journey commenced in childhood, enriched by the unique experience of living alongside awakened masters for the majority of her life.

For nearly two decades, Prema has dedicated herself to sharing her vast knowledge and insights.  Known for her deep mysticism and intuitive capabilities, Prema’s presence is widely recognized for its transformative impact on those she encounters.

Prema Bentley’s approach to spirituality is both inclusive and profound, resonating with people from all walks of life. Her teachings are not just a means of imparting knowledge but are transformative experiences, guiding individuals toward personal growth and spiritual awakening. 

Douglas Bentley

Douglas Bentley is a renowned spiritual teacher with an international reputation, stemming from over two decades of guiding tens of thousands of individuals from around the globe. Raised in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, Douglas’s journey in spirituality began as a child and resulted in him living in India as a monk for over 10 years.

His approach to spirituality is grounded in practicality, making complex spiritual concepts accessible and relatable. Specializing in healing past traumas, awakening to one’s true nature, and mastering the art of manifesting life goals, Douglas’s teachings are deeply rooted in the principle of Oneness, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all life.

With a profound ability to connect individuals to the Divine within, Douglas Bentley’s primary mission is to facilitate personal awakenings, helping people realize their innate potential and the universal truth of unity that binds us all. His teachings are a blend of wisdom and compassion, offering a path to spiritual enlightenment that is both attainable and transformative.



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