When you acknowledge your ancestors, there are different layers that emerge from these relationships. On the one hand, when you awaken to your interconnectedness in life, how your life is a result of everything your parents experienced, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, even going beyond to people, we don’t even know their names or what they experienced. In this layer, the mind tries to get a hold of this realization and can tend to blame or become a victim of perceived circumstances. In reality, you are alive, have everything you have, and even have the attention or energy to grow spiritually because different ancestors have paved the way for you.

When this realization settles within you, deep gratitude emerges. This gratitude produces a natural honoring and appreciation of every being that came before. The birthing point of this love enables you to integrate all your ancestors within you, to heal within yourself whatever is there emerging in your ancestry line through you. With deep gratitude and reverence comes a higher possibility of healing, wisdom, and growth.

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