Praying is an essential inner movement for human beings. In moments of fear and stress, or when we feel all our actions cannot control the outcome, we move to prayer. Prayer is a way of asking for help or assistance from Higher Consciousness, and in those moments, it comes very naturally. Then, a relationship happens between our prayers, inner state, and communication with this Higher Intelligence. There is no possibility that prayers are not heard, yet not all of them will be answered the way the mind expects. All prayers are listened to, yet the resolution to our circumstances happens in ways the logical mind can’t understand. Higher Consciousness is always in a deep connection with you and always gives you the right experiences and solutions. How can we know this? Because they are happening, everything always has a higher purpose that encompasses us and every other human being on this planet. The more we realize this, the more we recognize every instance of this creation is a profound and magnificent miracle.

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