Forgiveness is one of the most complex yet simple aspects of human beings. Forgiveness is not a mental equation you do in your brain; as a result, you will find peace about circumstances that have caused pain and hurt. To do this is to have a superficial approach and a misunderstanding of forgiveness. Realizing this is a challenging action and is one of the first steps.

The mind naturally finds offenders, it is it’s job to discover why something happened and to find a blaming point – or points – for those events. Sometimes, this mental forgiveness happens, and with time, pain emerges again. Making the realization of genuine forgiveness is a very disheartening experience. For forgiveness to arise, with the mystery of compassion that it carries, it’s essential to be responsible for our pain and suffering. This is very tricky. Experiencing pain and noticing the ongoing suffering is a very uncomfortable place to be in.

It’s the beginning of the journey when blaming stops being important, and healing is what is needed. When you hold your pieces and realize how much pain you carry, your attention moves to where it is required. The healing process starts when you allow space for this, focus on where the pain resides within you, and if you are courageous, follow where it leads. This does not mean falling into despair and suffering but allowing the pain to be there, seen, acknowledged, and integrated. To witness this means to realize that there is pain within you that needs your attention.

Slowly, the magic of forgiveness happens. It has its unique journey for everyone, but in the end, you no longer carry the situation and circumstances in your everyday life. There is a personal freedom that arises, and you are no longer weighed down. Life has its flow, and finally, you can be a part of this journey again, consciously.

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