The kundalini is an essential aspect of our bodies. It is a marvelous, energetic engine that can aid our journey tremendously. Many practices aim to ” awaken” the kundalini to intensify the movement of it. Many practices like meditations, breath work, physical movements, plant medicines, or spiritual journeys are aimed to do so. All of them have their benefits and an energetic expansiveness that happens when they are practiced. All of them can be pretty life-altering. But usually, this intense experience tends to dwindle after some time. 

As with our daily practices, usually, the best avenue is to have a constant practice that increases and allows awareness to be more and more present. This awareness will generate the necessary space for the kundalini to flow more naturally. If you feel a call in your daily practice to connect with a higher consciousness, this can take this opening and flow to even greater depths. The results can vary, but a gentler path yields a deeper foundation for this energy flow.  

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