One of the most powerful experiences of the mind, is the idea that time is linear and we can experience life without any alterations. That everything feels as if it is the same experience, over and over again. When we see someone or something, the mind has already labeled it as this or that, which is permanent and unaltered. While in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. That which you are experiencing is new, because even you are new. You can never be the same, so the “other” can never be the one that was before. Everything is anew, if you are able to see beyond the mind veil of time and linearity. Time an space dissolves, as your heart and soul are present more and more. There is always something to wonder, to marvel and to discover. Having the inner attitude of curiosity and the humble awareness that “we don’t know”, will reveal deeper and essential truths. 

The more we are able to have moments of truth, moments of true living, the more we are.

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