Connecting with your intuition is one of life’s pivotal learnings and ever-evolving mastery. Throughout your life, you have been conditioned not to trust yourself and not stray from what is considered normal or conventional. Even though you always have this inner voice whispering what your soul yearns for, its sound gets drowned by the ever-doubting mind and the need to belong and fit in, which is essential for the ego to survive.

When you go deeper within yourself and feel called to discover your intuition, it usually means the healing journey and the discovery of your spiritual nature are calling to you. It implies that transformations, witnessing the inner world, and the movements toward your heart have begun. Intuition can be called your inner compass. It is this moment-to-moment wisdom that is guiding you towards the highest consciousness of living life. It manifests as this gentle inner voice that keeps guiding you to the best action for you and all the beings around you. Learning to listen to it implies becoming comfortable with silence and not knowing, being open to flow with life more than pushing your will. It’s a long-lasting process that yields the most profound inner connection and communion with the Divine.

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