It’s a very powerful and delicate space to be in when you become aware of the enormous efforts behind everyone who has been a part of your life and how they have given you their best even when doing through their darkest times. On the one hand, the mind is always quick to judge and demand, asking for more and better – always on its terms. When the heart begins to have more space, an overwhelming sense of gratitude embodies you. You can see, for the first time, things you weren’t able to see before.

With this, being aware becomes essential. If unaware, you will express gratitude and honor another from your own experience, usually being self-involved and acting out of guilt. Guilt for not being able to see before, to have judged, for so many things. And the guilt becomes the driving force behind expressing gratitude and honoring. When you can see the other and inquire what the other needs or wants, you can show up with humbleness and the willingness to love.

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