Discovering the immense well of wisdom that lies within you is a magical journey to embark on. One of the most powerful ways to deepen your understanding is to harness your capacity for silence. The referenced silence is not the silence that implies a lack of any external words or internal chatter. It is the willingness to listen and witness what is happening within you without getting intensely entangled with it.

In the journey of the inner world, it’s easy to focus on a single experience so the mind can fully understand and deeply comprehend it – its meaning, implications, consequences, and origin. Overcoming this natural mind habit is surrendering to each moment, allowing whatever arises, and continuing to flow with life’s movement.

This silence is the willingness to surrender to whatever is there, to see it for what it is, to learn from it, and, most importantly, to let it go. Wisdom arises for every moment; it’s never a rule or a general formula. It’s just for the moment, and it dissolves when the need is no longer there. Harnessing this internal silence, of making space for it to arise, is a profound gift you can offer yourself in this journey.

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