Judgment is a natural state of the mind, a tool the mind has to try to ensure survival, protection, and safety. The mind is trying to protect based on beliefs, perceptions, or what it has been exposed to. The more you listen internally, the more you realize that judging seems to be a natural way of answering life. It becomes, then, internally, like a voice you wish would just stop talking, judging, condemning, and fixing whatever is being seen. It’s natural to feel disappointed and upset and even try to change this inner voice.

When you realize that judgment is a part of the mind and you see that you are not the mind, it’s easier to disengage with this reaction. If you see that judgment happens when you are feeling fear or insecurity, you see that judgment is a defense mechanism to whatever is there. When you bring awareness towards this, slowly, it stops being an unconscious habit. As a result other responses start to emerge. The highest response is always awareness, and this will bring compassion towards you and life.

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