As human beings, we support each other, especially those in our communities. It’s easy for you to connect with the other and what they are going through, at least through your lens. This usually implies that the mind-ego has a stronghold and perception of the situation and how to solve it.

To support someone suffering or in pain, the most important thing is to be aware of all the ideas, beliefs, solutions, strategies, and labels that emerge within you when you are with the other. These are mind-ego strategies to organize and solve the perceived situation, but none allow you to see what the other is going through or experience what arises in you.

Most of the solution base, advice given, or assessment arise from the mind-ego as a way to protect itself from pain. It’s a preventative measure that creates distance, and the possibility of being present dissolves. Being aware of this means seeing what arises within you; witnessing this means that you are not focused on solving, dismissing, or whatever the mind-ego naturally does, but that you are willing to feel, to experience this with the other and allow higher consciousness to be present in this silent embrace of what is there.

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