This can be a very tricky experience, and it depends a lot on the nature of your journey. Having a partner who is inclined to have a spiritual journey can be a gift because it can strengthen the relationship to a foundational level, but if your partner doesn’t feel called to have a spiritual journey, that by no means is a sign that the other is not in their journey. A lot of the time, our desire that our partner should be inclined on a spiritual path – even on our own – comes from the need that the other person should change… and this can be driven by an unconscious controlling push of guiding or directing the others journey, path, and growth.

Accepting the other as they are, with everything encompassing who that person is, is essential for a wholesome relationship. This is not easy or a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We are constantly changing, and the other is also changing. Their change may not be to our liking, but nonetheless, it is change and growth. So, being aware of this can be helpful. So, it is essential to embrace the discovery of who they are and move away from our preconceived notions.

Life is a spiritual journey, and everyone has their unique one. This profound discovery shifts our perception of our partner (and the others) once we embody this realization.

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