When connecting with the Divine or Higher Consciousness, the fear of being separate or disconnected always exists. The mind-ego experiences reality as divisive, always understanding me and the other. From this point of view, it’s easy to understand the question of whether your prayers are heard or even of any consequence. Having this doubt sustains the belief of being separate from the Divine.

In reality, we are a part of the Divine, and as a part of it, all our prayers, desires, thoughts, and wishes are always known. It is essential to realize this. The wonderful thing is that the Divine or Higher Consciousness also has higher wisdom within it. So your prayers are heard and always answered, only that this happens in a way that is impossible for the mind-ego to see since it has its ideas, expectations, and the constant need to control.

Yet, for the heart, this is an inalienable truth – and as a result, faith emerges, and you realize prayer is part of being in the natural communion with the Divine.

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