The mind usually perceives things as set in stone. Once it has been analyzed, labeled, and concluded, a finite perception stays as a cornerstone of reality. We can be pretty judgmental with ourselves, making a scenario in which we only perceive and magnify the qualities we believe are harmful or wrong. It’s important to remember that once the brain has information about the perceived reality of something, it will look for more information that supports this perception: it will filter and adapt it to align with it.

Our heart is present within us, and we are inherently connected. We can feel what is happening within ourselves and others, especially if we feel safe or have started discovering ourselves. The more you embrace your humanity, the less you unconsciously blame others for your life (your past, current situation, or the imagined future), and the more vulnerability will arise. The more you acknowledge and embrace what is within, the more you will embrace it. And the more you will release judgments or preconceived notions of how you should be, think, feel, and act.

The flowering of the heart is the journey of discovering your humanity, realizing your connection with all of life, and embracing the humility that arises as you allow life to flow in its way.

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