There is a powerful key that allows us to be, to experience, and to know. It has been known since time immemorial, and it’s so simple, that for the mind it is impossible to acknowledge its essential and paramount nature. It’s our breath. Something we consider as primal as an autonomous bodily function, but as primordial to our journey, that all cultures through time, have always recognized as the most powerful tools we have. 

A simple exercise to bring awareness of how the body is breathing, and a natural course correct of this function arises. If in a moment of turmoil, you can see how your body is breathing, the simple act of bringing awareness to the breath, is an avenue for the beginning of self-regulation. Your body has a “natural and relaxed way of breathing”, which is right for you every moment. The body is always in tune with whatever is happening, so bringing awareness to this action is a powerful tool to allow the body to attune to what is happening and find its best breathing rhythm for the moment. You will realize that your breath is deeper and slower, that awareness is key to being present, and that your breath will allow you to experience life as it is. 

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