When we look for a daily practice to connect with higher consciousness, however, manifestations arise within us: whether it is the divine, your higher self, the universe, or whatever name or form, you are opening your self to shift your resonance frequency to a higher vibration. That means there is a surrender of letting go of whatever no longer serves you. There is a sense of loss or grief in that space for the mind. Whatever gives meaning, whatever can sustain a linear experience, must be left to flow with the river of life; letting go of whatever no longer serves you is to make space for something new. All the paths we have walked and the experiences we’ve had have served us well. We should honor them and give them a place in our being. But it’s also important to know when to let go of them. To open space for new experiences. Just like an instrument needs to be tuned after playing in a concert, so when the instrument is played again it does not carry the strain of what happened before. Being willing to let go and give gratitude for what we have received but being open to receiving new tunes as we move in everyday life, can be a powerful tool in your journey. 

Making space for higher consciousness in your daily experience is never a routine moment. It allows you to surrender whatever you are carrying, conscious or unconscious of it, to the eternal flow of this universe. It’s being aware of where you are now and what is within you, giving it with gratitude, and allowing for what this higher consciousness has in store for you. It’s a surrender to whatever comes, with the wisdom that the mind may label it, fight, and resist it. While your soul dances with it, sees it, and knows it is what it is. And in this eternal dance, nothing is permanent, and this too shall pass.  

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