There is a tricky thing about healing. The mind always believes it should be a one-event thing that should rid us of whatever is not healed. The mind is always looking for the quickest detour possible, with the intention of moving away from whatever feels painful, difficult, and hard. This makes our healing journey endless and filled with unnecessary suffering. Looking for an immediate and permanent path is entirely illusory.

Healing is a journey; there is wisdom in life about how this journey flows. You can aid this journey by working with a therapist, counselor, coach, shaman, yogi, or any other being who has a set of tools to support you and your path. This is very supportive and essential in the healing path if you are vulnerable enough to ask for help and receive it.

It’s vital to understand that there is a foundational truth about our journey. Our healing has layers, and because it does, it needs time. Our nervous system and our emotional and mental realms need time and space to heal. This journey is divinely guided; a higher consciousness tailors the path for you. If healing profoundly calls for you, there is an essential key to making this journey even more fruitful: look at the relationships in your life and the people you meet: they are Messengers. If you allow them to deliver the message, witness whatever arises in you, see it, welcome it, and acknowledge it as part of you, honor it in that way… that can lead to a miraculous and magical journey.

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