Understanding the need of others for you to grow spiritually is a powerful and humble understanding in your journey. For the mind, loneliness and solitude feel better suited for this task. Even though moments or periods of being by yourself can be quite helpful and necessary, the truth is that it’s in the daily connection and interaction with others that we can have all the experiences needed for our growth. If left to its own devices, the mind-ego will feel it has attained something and is always right.

For every encounter you have, all the ideas, feelings, emotions, thoughts, and reactions that happen within you – are the best teachers. Your journey accelerates tremendously if you see, witness, and learn from this. And if we can find like-minded people to support our journey, that can also be beneficial. Even though it’s always important to remember that we are all the same and that the differences the mind-ego perceives are just a veil of the truth of it all. So, if you are open, every encounter is a lesson to be experienced, to learn from, and to continue in your journey.

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