Meditation practices aim to awaken, sustain, and amplify awareness. Usually, our state needs more awareness. We are too focused on daydreaming, recollecting past events, foreshadowing future possibilities, and concerned with how others may see us and our own stories. This means we are asleep to the true nature of who we are.

The more we practice meditation, the awareness “muscle” is developed. In the beginning, through your practice, you will experience being aware. The more you practice – with patience, the more you will naturally have moments of spontaneous awareness throughout your day. As you continue to develop your practice, the more you move away from practicing meditation to being in a meditative state.

Witnessing is our natural state, and meditation practices aim to return us to this state. The more you engage in your practices, the closer you will move to your natural state: being aware of what you are witnessing.

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