Moving through your spiritual journey implies moving closer to having an internal inclination toward witnessing more. For the mind, this can be interpreted as inactivity, as just being more of an observer, disconnected, and less active with life. This can be a natural misunderstanding when the mind still holds concepts in a rigid way. This is very natural and human since the mind is one of the most powerful tools we have learned to rely on—but it’s not where we should live.

Witnessing is never experienced through the mind.

Witnessing happens. It is a space of no action, yet it’s so powerful that it always leads to the highest response in any situation. When we witness, our heart has a natural direction toward the highest action we can take, one that is rooted in a response to life instead of a reaction. It’s always the perfect answer, even if the mind can’t understand or see this. And when you become comfortable in this space, freedom flows through you.

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