For long, it has been interpreted that prayer involves either a religious context or a notion of being unable to solve things independently. Prayer is a natural act for human beings, but most of us have been educated to believe that asking for help is a sign of weakness and that strength involves being independent and successful. With wisdom, we realize that asking for help is an act of courage, honesty, and vulnerability; most of the time, we are not sure if the path we are traveling is correct and if the steps we are taking are the best for us. There are many uncertainties in this life, and prayer can be a profound tool that supports us in many layers.

Through prayer, we can have profound realizations and insights about what is happening inside us. We can discover many truths about ourselves. At the same time, we enter the journey of trusting in higher consciousness (however your name and interpretation maybe) and letting go of many things that cause unnecessary suffering and deplete us of the possibility of being. Life has wisdom and a way the mind can’t understand or foresee. And letting go of control allows us to be here now. Also, as we connect with Higher Consciousness, we enter a space where we can be aware of the miraculous magic that sustains this creation.

In the beginning, prayer involves talking and sharing on our part, and in time, it transforms into more listening and communion.

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