We are living in a world that seems to give meaning to what we do and how we do it. This seems to have created a negative connotation to rest, the art of not doing. We have accepted the concept that resting is laziness and a fault in character or that it shows the need to create better habits to make the most of every day, every hour, and every second of our lives. This constant movement, the need to achieve and to gain could be also catered to not feel and experience many things that are within us. To acknowledge our bodies as temples and treat them as such. To spend time to experience life as it is. Life has a “slower” pace, but this should not be mistaken as idleness. Nature is in constant production of life and sustaining the life movement, and yet day and night happen. Action and rest are requirements for this experience we call life. 

If we can make time to not do, to breathe, to see, to feel, to allow… what could we discover? How would our lives and perceptions change as we move into more and more surrender? The mind is keen on change – especially in our internal world; while the soul surrenders to whatever is arising and can flow with what is. 

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