There is an essential truth in this world: love is the essence and glue of it all. But love is an experience that, for many, is connected with concepts and ideas. So, love moves away from something we experience to something we think should be this or that way. Our current human experience of love is conditional; we usually love because we want love, recognition, acknowledgment, or something else. We are naturally equipped to love unconditionally, but real love works quite differently from what we think it should be. 

The first step is to become aware of how conditional our love experience is. To see this truth is harsh in the beginning. It would be seen as a difficulty: how can we love unconditionally if all we do is put conditions on our love? But seeing this truth, realizing this truth, and being able to witness how this is real in all our relationships, especially our close relationships. When you visit this, a veil disappears; the mind takes a back seat in the reality of loving unconditionally as this shattering truth moves through you; it’s a gateway to open the flow of love within you and through you. It’s the most important journey we can embark: the awakening of our heart. 

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