For most of human history, eclipses have been perceived as a time to go inward in many cultures and traditions. They are considered delicate events that should be treated with awareness and sacredness. In a solar eclipse, the sun’s light is blocked by the moon’s transit, creating a moment of darkness. During this time, moving inwards and concentrating on your inner light is essential. It’s a time to retreat from the external world and bring awareness forth. To shine your light as beautifully and selflessly as the sun. Our sun is a magnificent example of the power of light and awareness given to all by being present.

It is also an opportunity to connect with higher consciousness so all the veils can be lifted and the darkness can be filled by the light of creation. Darkness is not the absence of light per se; it is just the illusionary perception that light is not there. But when light comes forth, you realize that everything is just part of the all.

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