Fear is a natural response of the body when it feels threatened; it’s a biological mechanism that ensures survival. Fear triggers specific chemical reactions in your body for a moment when energy needs to be maximized to face those threats. Most of us have been raised and conditioned with fear being a predominant experience, so it has become naturalized and common. To the extent that we can experience fear when we don’t experience it for some time, wondering if it signals that something will happen and fear will come again, and strangely enough, that feels safe.

Becoming aware of our relationship with fear is the beginning of the journey. Discovering how we are entangled with it and what triggers it and learning different tools that help our nervous system understand that safety can be a natural place of existence is also possible. Fear is not an enemy or a signal that something is wrong with you, it has been a self preserving mechanism in your life and has fulfilled a purpose. There is a moment when you are ready to experience life from a different space, and the whole universe conspires to support your journey.

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