Impatience usually implies that you are centered in ego-mind space, most likely extremely focused on your sense of self. You are concerned about your projects, plans, and situations and experience others as interruptions, disturbances, or annoyances. You are really disconnected from everything else around you, finding problems and getting flustered with everything and everyone. The core of experiencing life like this is being in fear, and anger is a natural byproduct.

The most crucial step is to see that there is impatience within you. Seeing implies simply acknowledging that this has become a default mode. It does not mean it’s the only thing you are or the core of your being.

When you see this, there is a profound shift. There is no one or nothing to blame. Taking this step allows you to be present again with the flow of life. You can be aware that growth, tools, and the perfect people and circumstances are there for you to support you in your journey.

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