Your relationship with your body is not as personal as you believe. It has been engrained by your society, culture, ideals, beliefs, and religious perceptions. For many, the body is something to tame, to control, or to have power over. It has been considered an enemy or the center of your faulty nature; its needs, desires, and wants derailed you from your true spiritual nature. This dichotomy has been prevalent in many religious and spiritual interpretations.

When you realize the true nature of your body as the temple of your soul, it becomes clear that there is a simple essence in your sanctuary. It always holds within itself a clear indicator of what is emerging within you. It is important to see behind the veils of conditioning, expectations, and beliefs that become the jail you unconsciously have created and accepted. There is humbleness in connecting with the body, tending to it, learning from it, and eventually allowing you to connect with your eternal truth.

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