Loneliness arises when we are trapped in separation. We experience life from the mind’s perspective, enhancing the belief that I am separate from everything outside of the limits of my skin. The more we embody this belief, the more disconnected from the oneness of life our experience becomes. Living life like this becomes “normal” for the body, and moving away from it may cause discomfort and fear.

Shedding this perception is possible, it requires courage and self-compassion. If we see this as just a conditioning, a belief (as absolute as it may seem) but not the truth, the journey of healing starts. Deep breathing, moving your body, and a deeper connection with nature: may it be grounding, forest walks, being at the ocean, etc.) allow the body to remember a natural way of being: calmed, relaxed, and belonging. And if you feel called to and start your healing journey, slowly, this feeling of being separate starts to dissolve more and more, and you reconnect with your real essence: being part of it all.

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