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What is the heart’s importance?

Our hearts are the dwelling space of our soul, although that doesn’t imply that it is its only container. The heart’s sacred space seems to act as a doorway to our inner world, to the internal and ethereal space of the truth of who we really are. Connecting and living in that space seems to be one of the most difficult experiences as well as the most yearned one. We want to return to our own heart space but are also frightened of what we may find along the way. We have learned to fear our emotions, vulnerability, and ability to connect. Unlearning the way of the mind is part of our journey in this body during this time. But it’s a class that has no end or final certificate of completion. It’s an ongoing moment-to-moment journey, that begins with the awareness of what is happening inside of us. Just as simple as that, but as enlightening as that. Simply being aware, feeling what is happening, and letting it happen. It’s a powerful non-action in action. It is a mastery in an ever-evolving journey.

Our heart is a doorway, but it’s also our compass. It’s ours in our way and must be discovered and transmitted. There is no proven formula. Only the truth that it is a personal journey, that allows us to be who we are. That gives us the possibility of being in tune with our highest potential. That starts with vulnerability, courage, and the endless disposition to surrender to whatever is there. With the wisdom to remember, that whatever is there is also momentary, that there is an eternal truth behind it, witnessing it all. 

Prema Bentley | Co-Founder of Sacred Wisdom School

Is resting a negative habit for your spiritual journey?

We are living in a world that seems to give meaning to what we do and how we do it. This seems to have created a negative connotation to rest, the art of not doing. We have accepted the concept that resting is laziness and a fault in character or that it shows the need to create better habits to make the most of every day, every hour, and every second of our lives. This constant movement, the need to achieve and to gain could be also catered to not feel and experience many things that are within us. To acknowledge our bodies as temples and treat them as such. To spend time to experience life as it is. Life has a “slower” pace, but this should not be mistaken as idleness. Nature is in constant production of life and sustaining the life movement, and yet day and night happen. Action and rest are requirements for this experience we call life. 

If we can make time to not do, to breathe, to see, to feel, to allow… what could we discover? How would our lives and perceptions change as we move into more and more surrender? The mind is keen on change – especially in our internal world; while the soul surrenders to whatever is arising and can flow with what is. 

Prema Bentley | Co-Founder of Sacred Wisdom School

Experiencing Life Anew

One of the most powerful experiences of the mind, is the idea that time is linear and we can experience life without any alterations. That everything feels as if it is the same experience, over and over again. When we see someone or something, the mind has already labeled it as this or that, which is permanent and unaltered. While in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. That which you are experiencing is new, because even you are new. You can never be the same, so the “other” can never be the one that was before. Everything is anew, if you are able to see beyond the mind veil of time and linearity. Time an space dissolves, as your heart and soul are present more and more. There is always something to wonder, to marvel and to discover. Having the inner attitude of curiosity and the humble awareness that “we don’t know”, will reveal deeper and essential truths. 

The more we are able to have moments of truth, moments of true living, the more we are.

Prema Bentley | Co-Founder of Sacred Wisdom School


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