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What is Healing?

Healing is the natural flow of life’s force. Wherever something in nature is hurt, damaged, or requires support, the flow of life moves in that direction. We are discovering more and more how this happens in nature, where all of creation supports this endeavor by the interconnectedness of all beings.

With us, humanity, this also happens naturally. The mind believes it has to push healing, do more, finish the task, and be free of pain. This is not a reality. Whenever something within us needs healing, the whole creation moves to support our journey. You’ll meet people, encounter situations, and have experiences that will move fibers within you that will ignite this process. If you are willing to be humble and surrender to this, life becomes a teacher.

Prema Bentley | Co-Founder of Sacred Wisdom School

How can I open my heart?

Your heart is always available to you. More than it being closed, is that you are focusing your attention elsewhere. The more you focus on your heart, the more you feel and see whatever arises in you; the more energy flows in that direction.

Initially, this would imply a beautiful sense of love and peace, but as you allow your attention to dwell within, emotions and experiences can arise slowly. They might be intense, but if they are arising, it’s because you are equipped to experience them. The more you allow this to happen, the more space you will have within you to experience the Divine and Higher Consciousness.

Prema Bentley | Co-Founder of Sacred Wisdom School

What happens when you release fear?

Moving to release fear as the determining center of your experience allows you to move into the space of the miraculous, where you can see and experience the divine intelligence, which is always protecting, supporting, and offering the best possible experience for you.

When you are in the space of fear and the mind, you are always in stress, feeling that you are fighting, surviving, desperately trying to make things work. When you release this belief and surrender to whatever arises, your wisdom and heart show you life from a different perspective.

It is in this new world that deep and simple truths are revealed, where the flowering of your heart and the awakening to who you really are flow naturally.

Prema Bentley | Co-Founder of Sacred Wisdom School


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