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The eternal presence of our light 

There is an esoteric call that our souls answer as we connect with nature and its rhythms. The spring equinox is this auspicious time that reminds us that the light we seek lies always within ourselves. In the long, cold, and darker days of winter;  we need to return to the light, we yearn for it. Winter can be experienced as nature’s moment of “death”, where all energies and efforts are aimed at preserving life with the minimum effort while the cold reigns. The colors are white and grayish and everything seems to halt. As spring returns there is an inner joy; colors, flowers, and life seem to be budding, and blooming and a hopeful energy seems to fill the air. 

The return of spring is a reminder of our inner journey. In our path, we have moments of light, joy, and wonder that seem to happen so fast and leave us so easily. It usually means we are living in the present moment, not concerned with so many other things— the times when life seems easier or promising while leaving behind harsher times or difficult moments. But in essence, if we look at it from a wider scope, the movements of the seasons are also the movements of our souls. We cherish the easier experiences but retreat when experiences of different colors appear. In reality, deep down they are all experiences, they all have different colors. But they are also always in movement. Throughout this movement, the light always returns. Always life continues. We can always find the light, as it is inherently within us. The whole universe has a dance that is aimed as a reminder, which stems from the depths of your soul – of who you really are.  

Prema Bentley | Co-Founder of Sacred Wisdom School


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