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What is the right way to parent?

When tending to a child, most conditionings that have been invisible to you before emerge relatively quickly. They are beliefs about how a child should behave, act, speak, play, breathe, eat, look at the world, dance, etc. It’s endless. This implies that you can never see the child (or children). You naturally become rigid, authoritarian, demanding, and punishing. In essence, you are trapped in your mind and beliefs; the ego is trying to survive by attempting to control whatever is happening. This leaves you with remorse, resentment, and exhaustion, and it leaves the child (or children) isolated, lost, fearful, and disconnected.

When we become parents or we have to care for a child, there is a natural biological drive to give them better than what we received. But if we haven’t started our healing journey or become aware of our conditionings, beliefs, and hurts, we will repeat what we unconsciously know. Being able to tend to a child implies being present and with a flowered heart. It means seeing what is happening moment to moment, beyond the mind-perceived chaos, and answering from your higher consciousness. It means welcoming life and its flow, every second of it. Allow yourself to be broken by it, be more accessible, and reconnect with your authenticity and heart.

Prema Bentley | Co-Founder of Sacred Wisdom School

What is my purpose?

The purpose of why we exist is one of the questions that has accompanied humanity for millennia. When you question the why, it’s usually a marker that some conflict is inside, and you are centered in the mind-ego sphere. There is usually pain and suffering that you are not seeing. So, for the mind, this uneasiness in experience must mean that there is something to ponder and figure out. And usually, when the pain or suffering is entirely meaningful, these questions arise or keep lingering.

The more you move toward discovering who you are and healing the suffering you carry, the more slowly you emerge to live. You discover how connected you are with all of existence, and there is a natural sense of joy and wonder toward creation. Through this, your purpose shines through. You can connect deeply with what brings you joy and how your soul soars and this gives direction and meaning. You thrive, in essence, just by being alive. And your purpose lives through you.

Prema Bentley | Co-Founder of Sacred Wisdom School

Why am I so impatient?

Impatience usually implies that you are centered in ego-mind space, most likely extremely focused on your sense of self. You are concerned about your projects, plans, and situations and experience others as interruptions, disturbances, or annoyances. You are really disconnected from everything else around you, finding problems and getting flustered with everything and everyone. The core of experiencing life like this is being in fear, and anger is a natural byproduct.

The most crucial step is to see that there is impatience within you. Seeing implies simply acknowledging that this has become a default mode. It does not mean it’s the only thing you are or the core of your being.

When you see this, there is a profound shift. There is no one or nothing to blame. Taking this step allows you to be present again with the flow of life. You can be aware that growth, tools, and the perfect people and circumstances are there for you to support you in your journey.

Prema Bentley | Co-Founder of Sacred Wisdom School


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