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I can’t feel; what do I do?

Our society, culture, and modern way of living have our nervous system at a maxed-out capacity daily. Also, we have been conditioned to focus on what is happening externally, which should somehow shift whatever discomfort is present internally. This overstimulated lifestyle has our bodies in a state of numbness to at least survive the perceived danger, threat, and chaos in the world, our country, our city, our work, our family, our friends, and our health. If we also add that trauma is a prevalent and pervasive experience for human beings, numbness is just a natural response to it all.

Moving your attention and efforts towards your inner world is a higher response and a natural way to recenter yourself: your body, mind, and emotions. Human beings are sentient, which is natural for us to feel. Even not feeling anything, feeling a lack is a way of sharing what we are experiencing in sentient terms. When you move your attention inwards, you see that everything that bothers you seems to threaten you or you have a problem with is a messenger with a higher message. Something within needs to be resolved, healed, or integrated, and that’s what the messenger brings. It’s wise to follow that guidance and discover what your soul needs to feel centered and present.

Prema Bentley | Co-Founder of Sacred Wisdom School

What is detachment?

A lot of the ancient spiritual traditions – and some modern ones as well, ask for you to be detached. When you hear the word detachment, you likely assume it implies letting go. At a superficial level, the mind understands this as letting go of all the material things that are holding you down or keeping you away from discovering your truth. So the mind starts making lists of the things it is attached to, believing that releasing them might finally end the suffering and pain it’s trying to avoid. This causes pain, more attachment, and confusion that creates a more significant distance from you to realize who you are.

A deeper understanding of detachment means letting go of expectations, certainty, the need to control and predict what will happen, releasing the others, and releasing the attachment we have with our mind and ego. It’s an ever-occurring detachment because we are full of personalities, beliefs, ideas, presumptions, and fears. It means seeing how this binds us; by seeing this, the essence of who you are can rise and be.

Prema Bentley | Co-Founder of Sacred Wisdom School

How can I connect with my intuition?

Connecting with your intuition is one of life’s pivotal learnings and ever-evolving mastery. Throughout your life, you have been conditioned not to trust yourself and not stray from what is considered normal or conventional. Even though you always have this inner voice whispering what your soul yearns for, its sound gets drowned by the ever-doubting mind and the need to belong and fit in, which is essential for the ego to survive.

When you go deeper within yourself and feel called to discover your intuition, it usually means the healing journey and the discovery of your spiritual nature are calling to you. It implies that transformations, witnessing the inner world, and the movements toward your heart have begun. Intuition can be called your inner compass. It is this moment-to-moment wisdom that is guiding you towards the highest consciousness of living life. It manifests as this gentle inner voice that keeps guiding you to the best action for you and all the beings around you. Learning to listen to it implies becoming comfortable with silence and not knowing, being open to flow with life more than pushing your will. It’s a long-lasting process that yields the most profound inner connection and communion with the Divine.

Prema Bentley | Co-Founder of Sacred Wisdom School


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